Monday, April 26, 2010

Different Types Of Cement Mixers

A cement mixer, also called a concrete mixer, is a machine that mixes concrete, aggregate like gravel or sand, and water to produce concrete. A homogeneous mix is produced to ensure uniformity of the product produced.

There are a variety of cement mixers, including the large mixing truck used for the commercial purposes, and small cement mixers that are portable. The smaller cement mixers are known as mini cement mixers, and are used for minor works. The smaller concrete mixers are used to make the concrete at the site of construction. Adequate time is available for the concrete hardening, before being used. The small portable cement mixers are used for production of small batches, and are normally electric powered, and equipped with wheels for movement. A cement mixer primarily consists of a revolving drum, a motor, and a shaft. The materials required for the production of concrete are thoroughly mixed in the drum. The mixing is even, and the aggregate remains soft for forming and application. Use of cement mixers may not be essential for the minor repair work, when the concrete is mixed manually.
Stationary Cement Mixers

The advanced construction industry needs constant homogeneous concrete that is produced in short periods of time. The requirement is even more important for the precast and prestressed concrete. These challenging requirements have caused development of rapid mixing techniques for the production of concrete. Stationary concrete mixers are designed to remain at the construction site, while the concrete is poured. Numerous types of stationary mixers have been introduced that are designed according to the nature of construction work. The generally used cement mixers are vertical axis mixers, twin shaft mixers, and the drum mixers. There details are as mentioned below:
Vertical Axis Mixers

The vertical axis mixers are generally employed for the production of prestressed and precast concrete. These cement mixers are suitable for small batches colored concrete, and several discharge points. The types of vertical axis mixers are planetary mixers and the pan mixers.
Twin Shaft Mixers

These mixers are suitable for obtaining high intensity mixing in short periods of time. These mixers are normally used to obtain high strength concrete.
Drum Mixers

re are two types of drum mixers, namely the titling drum and the reversing drum mixer. The drum mixers are used when concrete is produced in large quantities. These mixers are widely used being high speed with low costs of maintenance and operation.
Mobile Cement Mixer

Mobile cement mixers are used for the transportation of concrete from one region to another. They are called transport trucks or in-transit mixer. Mobile cement mixers, like trucks, are frequently employed for pouring purposes in multiple areas. The cement mixer permits control of the concrete quantity that is required, and provides flexibility for adding aggregate to the batch. These mixers are filled with the dry ingredients and water, while the mixture is produced during transportation. The mixed material is loaded into the cement truck, and the liquid state of mixture is maintained by agitation or drum rotation till delivery. The drum interior has a spiral blade that pushes and rotates the concrete, so that it maintains the desired liquid state. This is called mixer charging. A pump is used to force the materials to exact position.

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